Party Checklist

Four weeks before the party: Contact Entertainer:

Contact Entertainer to confirm date and time of Show

Set Date of Party: ____________________

Set Starting and Ending Times: _____________________

Place: __________________________

Plan and select favors, and decorations:

Begin collecting materials and creating props.

Prepare a tentative guest list.

Prepare a tentative schedule of party activities.

Prepare menu and grocery list.

Select and hire caterer/serving help (if needed).


Three weeks before the party:

Make/Buy/Mail or drop off invitations.

Order cake from bakery if you're not making your own.

Arrange for extra help for the infants if necessary.

Arrange kennel or other location for family pet (If Necessary).


Two weeks before the party:

Buy groceries and beverages.

Prepare and freeze/refrigerate food items that can be made in advance.

Buy party supplies.

Start making party decorations and favors.

Make party costumes or select outfit and props. <


One week before the party:

Call any guests who have not responded and get an exact guest count.

Buy any gifts for the birthday child.

Buy film, disposable cameras, and/or videotape,and batteries for cameras/camcorders.

Buy groceries, beverages, and any gifts for the birthday child.

Prepare and freeze/refrigerate food items that can be made in advance.

Confirm any orders placed for cake and/or party supplies.

Write out a final schedule of activities for the party.

Call to confirm any services or entertainment.


One day before the party:

Clean house, party room facility, or office party site.

Set up and arrange party room. Child-proof party area.

Thaw frozen party foods.

Get out serving pieces.

Finish decorating cake or pick up from bakery.

Pick up helium-filled balloons if you ordered them.

Make sure you have plenty of candles and matches.

Decorate any indoor areas of party.

Coordinate last-minute arrangements with caterer, servers.

Begin to Write Thank You Notes and Address Envelopes


The day of the party:

Final Decorations of party room and Decorate outside party area.

Mark the outside of the house or the party area with balloons or a sign.

Prepare and arrange remaining food.

Coordinate set-up, service, cleanup with hired helpers.

Mentally "travel through" party

Dress in party outfit.

Await arrival of first guest.

Keep your schedule of party activities handy.

Expect Entertainer 30 minutes before Scheduleed Time.

Give Entertainer his envelope with agreed fee enclosed.

Complete Entertainer Evaluation and Mail.

Finish Thank You Notes Mail.


The day after the party:

Send the entertainer a Thank You note and state what you liked about the show.

If the entertainer has an online evaluation, fill it out for him.