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Here are my Testimonals


"Testimonal 1: Best Foot Forward"
Mr. & Mrs. Burton

"Testimonal 2: So much Fun"
Mrs. Jones

"Testimonal 3: Highly Recommended"
Mr. Robert Copperfield

"Testimonal 4: Booked Me for Next Year"
Mr. & Mrs. Tipper

"Testimonal 5: The Kids didn't stop laughing"
Mrs. Doe


These are just some of the many emails I receive on a regular basis from delighted parents that I have helped.
Amazing Family Entertainmnet Makes Magic Parties
You want your child's birthday to be memorable, exciting plus full of amazement and laughter. Check out how hiring this magic show can make it all of these things and take a load off your mind so you can relax and enjoy your child's special day.
Your birthday child gets to be the star of the show performing real magic tricks
Show includes plenty of fun, laughter, and comedy
Each show is tailored to the age group of your audience
Younger children will find the show totally non-threatning
Older children enjoy the show as much as the younger ones
Suitable for any family group with no offensive humour
The birthday child floats in the air
Your birthday child loves the live bunny and doves, the bunny is so cute that the kids "ooh' and "ahh" and love to pet him

And that's just the beginning. We both want your child's next birthday to be the most special day imaginable. The content of each show can be tailored to fit your own particular requirements.

The show can fit your schedule with duration from just 30 minutes to 2 hours.
You can have your magic party anywhere. All you need to provide is a comfortable spot for your guests to sit down. Most living rooms are ideal, however you can have your birthday parties anywhere!
The show is even suitable for large family parties. The show can be clearly seen and heard by over 100 guests.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you are not thrilled, happy, or satisfied with the performance in any way, just say so, and it won't cost you a cent! I've had this policy for a long time and no one has been disappointed in my show!!! This is not a typo! This guarantee is important when you realize that no other entertainers in the area offer one.

When you confirm a booking with you receive this TRIPLE GUARANTEE:

  • 1. You are positively GUARANTEED he will be ready to perform when and where you specify
  • 2. The children will absolutely have fun and enjoy the show
  • 3. You are 100% Satisfied with the Professional Performance
Don't risk being disappointed
Discover how easy it is to throw a party that will create wonderful memories that'll last a lifetime. My weekend schedule is often booked up 3-4 weeks ahead of time. Booking early usually avoids disappointment. Just in case...CALL there just may be an opening.
Tel: 856-123-4567 To make a booking, check availability or just get more information why not give me a call. I am never far away.



Why not fill out the information below and let me get in touch with a personalized quotation for your next party. That way you can relax and wait for me to call you (usually within 24 hours).

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