Developing a One-Page Killer Website That Sells
For Magicians and Entertainers

This page will be removed from the home page. It is used to develop the pages within the website especially, the home page.

The Header Graphic Block
This block has three purposes.
  1. The 1st function is that it needs to take your visitors by the eye-balls and pull them in (grab their attention as soon as they see it). This image usually contains your company logo, a good photograph or illustration related to your entertaining services and when needed, the links to navigate across your mini-site.

  2. The 2nd purpose is a functional one: Navigation. Having your links in this block gives the user a pretty good idea of how your web site is structured... this gives you an advantage; your visitors will spend time paying attention to what you have to say instead of trying to figure out how to navigate trough your site.

  3. And finally, the 3rd purpose (and probably the most important of them all) is to compel your visitor into reading your headline. If your header graphic is not professionally designed, you are in the risk of losing visitors... spend the right amount of time when creating this crucial block or have someone create it for you, but don't skip it like most marketers do - the success of your mini-site depends directly on how well you execute each of these blocks!
The Testimonial/Credentials Block
On this block you'll include testimonials that users have sent you about your service. If you don't have any testimonials yet, email some of your clients or send a lottery ticket to a few of your prospects for free in exchange for their testimonial... and once you perform, always ask for one from your new client and include a self-address stamped envelope.

On this block you can also include your credentials, but you should only include these if they relate directly to the service you are offering on that mini-site. Else, you're better off without them. These include membership into SAM, IBM, MAES, Conventions and Conferences you Attend. Let them know you are not a "fly-by-night instant magician". Let them know you are a full time professional if that applies.

This block serves two purposes.

  • First, after the tremendous promise that you've made in the headline block, it's highly likely that the prospect doubts your ability to deliver. But you see, you've set them up! And you are now moving for the kill! The testimonials and your credentials demonstrate that the promise you made is indeed accurate and attainable by everyone.

  • Second, The purpose of this block is to set the stage for the prospect to accept everything that follows. After eliminating any doubt the prospect may have had, you've gained their trust. *ANYTHING* else you say after lowering their guards will be accepted as true. This is a killer technique which lowers their guards to the ground!
Placing your testimonials right up front is crucial. You want to get your prospect on your side as quickly as possible. If you're making a lot of powerful claims and you don't present your testimonials until the end, it may be too late. You may have built up so much doubt that even the strongest testimonial won't be able to overcome it.

This point is so crucial I'm going to repeat it again:

The success of this mini-site formula relies on placing your satisfied customer testimonials as close to the top of your mini-site as possible. Trust = Reliability + Trustworthy + Skilled

The Informational Block
On this block, you will related to the clients frustrations about your magic or entertainment service business.. but don't tell them about your service yet. This block should give a small introduction to your services and tell your visitors about the problems other persons have had in this with similar services. Build the internal message which says "Yea! I can relate to that!" Empathize with them...


    Children Entertainers
  • Does the entertainer specialize in children entertainment?
  • What experience does the entertainer have related to entertaining children or dealing with children?
  • How many years has the entertainer performed for children?
  • Is the entertainer full-time or part-time?
  • Does the entertainer have a backdrop, sound system, and use music in their show?
  • Does the entertainer use rabbits or other live animals?
  • Does the entertainer attend workshops to improve their skills, such as KIDabra International that specializes in training children entertainers?
  • Failure to show up and perform
  • To Costly
  • Part-time
  • Inexperienced
To determine what the problems the prospect face look at the benefits you offer and think of the reverse, of why you are offering those benefits and others are not.

It's extremely important that you build up on the frustration they feel because of these problems and how you used to feel that way too (empathize with them to put yourself on their side). Give them a few hints that those problems are a thing of the past and close this block by telling them that you have a solution that will put an end to their problems.

The purpose of this block is to position yourself as someone who has a deep understanding of the subject and the problems that exist with it-to position yourself as an expert in the area (you'll prove this with the help of the next block).

The Service Introduction Block
This block consists of Three elements:

  • The first one is the introduction of your Entertaining Service as the solution to the problems of your prospect. Those problems are stated above in the Informational Block, to which this block resolves those problems.

  • The second element is a graphical representation of your service. (Pictures)

  • Third, Place a Web Promotional Video of your show. The purpose of a video, allows the prospect to see "first-hand" what they are getting. This video will sell you, or "Kill" your business if done badly or demonstrates poor performance skills. If this site is your livelihood, give serious consideration to have this video done professionally. You should notice an immediate increase in shows if done correctly, obviously a decrease if it is a "turn-off".

Presenting your product visually to your prospects is extremely important, especially if you are selling a service. They need to see you in action. If you do Kid Shows, they need to see kids laughing and you interacting with the kids, if you do corporate events, the client want to see customers happy and having a good time, if you do illusion shows, they need to see illusions.

Many people are now comfortable purchasing e-books and downloadable software, but there are still millions of new users out there that are not familiar with these concepts and require a "psychological hook' to tie their minds to reality and help them understand better what they will be getting by purchasing your product. Many older persons are frustrated with the technology change that is rapidly happening and cannot keep up with it. They want simplicity. What can you do to make thier life more enriched?

The Benefits Block
This block is quite simple, it is the block you will use to buildup on how your service can solve each of the problems your prospects have. Tell them about all the benefits that they will get once they own your product or hire your service and make these points as compelling and seductive as possible. Get your prospects to see themselves enjoying the benefits of using whatever you are selling.

The single purpose of this block is to create desire for your services so don't leave anything out, give them as much information as they need. Use bullet lists to express the benefits and mix them with paragraphs to explain your more complex points; you can also mix in some testimonials to remind them that everything your are telling them is true and that you have others to prove it.

Call to Action Block
The single purpose of this block is to make your prospects an offer that will make them flip out their wallets and order from you. In order to create an irresistible offer, here is the well-know marketing formula for you to use in your mini-sites:


Free stuff + Your most appealing benefit + deadline = All irresistible offer they can't refuse

Let's break that down in easy-to-swallow morsels:

  • a) Free Stuff: On this part you'll offer valuable bonuses to your prospect. These bonuses need to be derived from the main benefit you have based your offer on-this will give your bonuses a perceived value that otherwise they wouldn't have.

  • b) Your Most Appealing Benefit: A single paragraph reminding them what your most appealing benefit is, this acts as away to mentally underline their desire for your product and increases the perceived value of your bonus items.

  • c) Deadline: Putting an end to your offer through a period of time creates scarcity. You should be honest when setting a deadline and really take away the bonuses or raise the price when doing it. If you don't plan to do it, do not set a deadline to your offers.

    A deadline makes prospects' minds thing: "Gee, I'd better get this before it's gone". This compels them into taking immediate action which is the whole point of creating your mini-site.

The Guarantee Block
Offering a guarantee takes off the risk of their shoulders and puts it on yours. It gets rid of that last bump of resistance that prospects will have and make them order right away.

The longer your guarantee covers your service, the larger number of sales you will get. A one year money-back guarantee is definitely more compelling than a 30 day one... right? With a service you can offering a "guaranteed results" and with a product you could offer a "lifetime" guarantee? Do you think those would work? You bet they will!

Example of a Triple Guarantee for a Fund Raiser Show:

  • Guarantee #1
    By using our Project Kit Materials and following the Step-by-step fundraising plan you will at least recover the entire show fee or the value of the project Kit ($250) will be fully refunded.

  • Guarantee #2
    The overwhelming majority of your audience will thoroughly enjoy the performance or there will be no charge.

  • Guarantee #3
    If within 7 days after receiving the Project Kit, you feel that it is not all you expected it to be and are not completely convinced that following our system will produce results, send it back. Your agreement will be cancelled and your deposit questions, no hassles.

Of course, you need to have a good service and be sure of your claims before making such a bold statement on your site. If you do not plan to back up your claims, modify your guarantee or better yet, improve your service so it does. People have a sixth sense when it comes to honesty... be honest to them if you want them to exchange their hard-earned money for your service.

The Action Summary Block
Most Important Block of Them All
This is by far the most important block of them all. It is where you will make or break your site, it's your chance to close the sale. Your whole mini-site was created with a single purpose: to make visitors take immediate action... and this is where you get them to do it.

Finish up by stating:

  • Once more your most appealing benefit and how it will help your prospect solve it's problems and
  • Finalize by asking for the order-you wouldn't believe how many people forget this final step, if you don't ask for the order they wont!

Make it easy and logical for them to purchase... Remember this: "You can never make it to easy!". The process of placing an online order for your service can be obvious for you, but it's not as logical for everyone else; so make it as easy as possible for them to order and they will... make it just a tiny-little bit complex and they wont.

Have them Call You with and 800 Number Right Now and you will immediately send them something in the mail.

At the very least, you want their email address or their phone number so you can get the information. The purpose of a Killer website is your the prospect to give up that email address, or their phone number and show you they are interested in your services. Without that no sale can ever be made.